Monday, 27 July 2009

This is how I disappear

Narrated by Sam Cooper

Grace and I have been apartment hunting for a few months now. We hate this apartment and now we finally have enough money to get a bigger one without taking a huge loan.

Alexandra Hayes happened to walk by one evening and Grace invited her in. Grace asked Alexandra about the apartment building where she used to live but it doesn't sound very good. The apartments are quite spacious but the common areas are disappointing. She did give us a good tip though by telling us about a new building in Exmoor which sounded wonderful.

Grace is now an intern at the hospital and the hours she has are mad. We haven't been out on a date for months because she's usually too tired to do anything but soak in a bubble bath when she comes home.

Hopefully our moving day goes well. I've asked Ben and dad to help us. We don't have much stuff anyway.

We signed the contract and now we're officially renting the 2nd floor apartment in Rue de Jardin. We have three bedrooms so there's plenty of room for kids which is good since we just found out that Grace is pregnant!

I called mom to tell her that our move went smoothly and that they all should come for a visit once we're settled in. I didn't tell her about the pregnancy yet because it's still early. I spent rest of the day putting up new wallpapers because this bright green isn't really our thing.

Grace came home from work just as I had done the livingroom walls and dragged our new sofa into the right place. I gave her a small gift - nothing fancy, just some flowers but she seemed happy.

Life couldn't get much better. Of course I'm a little worried since Grace still works long hours but hopefully everything will be alright.

A few days before Christmas I popped the big question! I don't think it came as a big surprise since marriage is obviously what we're heading for.

I don't know if we'll get married before the baby is born but it's nice to show the world that we're completely committed to each other.

Grace invited her colleague Tori George over for dinner. I've met a few of the other staff members but some of them are horrible snobs. Tori on the other hand seems quite nice.

Grace started feeling really sick after the dinner. I got really scared but luckily Tori was there. She kept her cool the whole time and said that these premature contractions are a sign that Grace has to start taking better care of herself. We all agreed that it would be wise for her to stop working until the baby is born. We don't want to risk anything.

  • Title from "This is how I disappear" by My Chemical Romance
  • I hate these scares although they add a nice touch of realism. Hopefully everything will go fine for the rest of Grace's pregnancy. I'll keep an eye on her.
  • This is the last household for round 8 so I'll just write the summary and then we're off to round 9. I'm very happy with how smoothly it all goes with this new calendar system.
  • Several sims aged up at the end of this round but I didn't feel like throwing 5 birthday parties so you can check their profiles to see what they look like now: Jackie Whitfield, Ryland Whitfield, Bobbie Greene, Alexander Greene, Vicki Marlowe, Liv Harris and Riley Cooper. I have updated all sim profiles (in most cases I just needed to update their age) so check them out if you want to.


  1. Such a cute couple, I'm glad they found a great place and congrats on the new baby! I used to have that hack with miscarriages, it was too scary though, my sims were constantly losing thier babies (I wonder what kind of sim keeper does that say I am) I might redownload it...if I can remember the name of it. WCIF that cute green sofa?

  2. The miscarriage is a feature on Inteenimator, if there's a separate hack for it then I don't know anything about it. You can find InTeen at

    I think there have been a couple of miscarriages in Wellington but I'm trying to keep an eye on my pregnant sims nowadays. Just keep their motive bars in green and they should be fine.

    The green sofa is from the IKEA stuff pack :)

  3. Thank goodness it was just a scare! I always breathe a sigh of relief when it's just a scare and not a miscarriage. Then I am on them for the rest of the pregnancy, making sure they're okay.

    Liv and Riley are gorgeous, aren't they? And your hood is going to be full of grey hair soon enough!

  4. The "scare" is really scary ;) At some point I was thinking that maybe I should install the "no miscarriage" flavor pak but then I decided not to.

    Riley is super-cute and I think he would look even cuter with a different hairstyle. Liv looks a lot like her mother when she was a teenager. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of Stella as a teenager because she was a townie then.