Thursday, 23 July 2009

Black horse and the cherry tree

The Harper twins have moved in the same dorm with Patsy, Camryn and Thomas. Patsy immediately invites Alexa to join her for a game of chess.

Brooke seems to settle in pretty well too. She's heard a lot about life on campus and she definitely wants to throw a party for all her friends soon. It's too bad Charlie's parents have forbidded him to attend any college parties.

Alexa calls Will and asks him to come to see her. At least he can't say that she's too young for him now!

Will can't deny his feelings anymore and he asks Alexa to be his girlfriend. She's on top of the world!

In the meantime Camryn is taking a well-deserved break from studying and calls to her friends to find out what's going on in their lives.

Patsy is delighted that Thomas seems to be in a much better mood than last year. "You definitely have to invite Nyah over more often so we don't have to see you pouting!"

Thomas has been studying so hard that he can relax a bit before the final exam. He also notices that the garden is starting to look a bit wild so he trims the bushes.

Patsy (sophomore) - 4.0 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (sophomore) - 3.0 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (sophomore) - 3.6 GPA, Literature
Alexa (freshman) - 4.0 GPA, Philosophy
Brooke (freshman) - 4.0 GPA, Art

  • Title from "Black horse and the cherry tree" by KT Tunstall
  • I tried the portrait thingy that Carla has done in Sullivan for a few rounds because it looks really cool. I might do it for all updates from now on (or probably starting next round).


  1. The photo looks nice, very nice touch. The twins grew up very nicely. Brooke's layered top is cute, I can't wait until you post your CC section! I love how your choice in CC is still simishly cute, not overly realistic.

  2. My cousin and aunt have been visiting us for a few days so I haven't had time to post the CC "guide". They're staying for a few days but I'll try to get it done over the weekend. I have to hunt down some links since I lost all my bookmarks due to the motherboard meltdown.

    Brooke's top is by Bruno (MTS2)

    I try to stay away from items that are too realistic because IMO they just look weird in game.

  3. I like your family portrait, it looks great. It took me a few rounds before I remembered to take them for every family, so I have a few missing but it's fun to look back through them and see how the families change.

    I'm glad Alexa has finally got her man!

  4. I've played a few families on round 9 and I always forget to take the family portrait until at the very end of the session. I don't know how long I'll keep up with it because it takes so much work to get them all posing nicely for the pic, especially if the family has many members.