Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Round 8: Spring 2010
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Deacon Burrows is 45, Stella Harris is 46, Liv is 12 and Finn is 5.

Stella has noticed that the older she gets the harder it is to stay in shape. She uses the exercise bike almost every day.

The weather has warmed up a bit so Stella gets some much needed variety in her fitness regime by swimming in the pool.

Finn started school this spring and he has already become friends with Josh Cooper who lives right across the street. It's a good thing he's making friends since his big sister won't go to the same school after this year. She'll start high school next year!

Speaking of Liv, she's competitive to the core. She often plays chess with Deacon and if it starts to look like she might lose, she cheats her way into victory.

Stella takes the kids to the playground in Central Park and they spend hours on the carousel.

Liv is 7 years older than Finn but they get along well despite the age difference.

The family hold onto the routine of having at least one meal together every day. They usually have dinner together especially on those days that Stella doesn't perform on Broadway.

Liv is already anxious about starting high school. She's the oldest kid in her class and on the verge of teenage. All her class mates seem so childish.

Finn has started taking piano lessons and Deacon makes sure he practices every night. Both Stella and Deacon want their kids to learn to play some instrument. Both Liv and Finn have chosen the piano which is good. The neighbors might not like drums or electric guitar.

Liv is bragging to Finn about becoming a teenager. "I'm gonna be the most popular girl in high school for sure!" Hopefully she doesn't turn into a bratty monster when she ages up.

Deacon relaxes by playing the piano after the kids have gone to bed. Stella is still at the theatre and he doesn't want to go to bed before she comes home. They usually talk about their day after she returns because she needs to unwind before she can go to sleep.

It's been an exceptionally cold spring. It's snowing when Stella comes home from the theatre!

Random pics:
Drama on the playground.

First Alexandra gets re-acquainted with her old flame Quinn Myerson. This is so not what I had planned!

Then Rianna is approached by her old flame from college, Noah West. I think she turned him down for about 5 times until he finally got the hint!

  • Title from "Freelove" by Depeche Mode
  • Liv will age to teen at the end of this round so I'll pop back to their house after I've played all households.
  • The drama on the playground was all due to ACR. It was fun to watch though, especially Rianna and Noah. He kept trying to kiss her and she kept pushing him away. And one minute later he tried again!


  1. I just installed ACR not too long ago and it is a riot! I'm sure Liv will be just fine once she goes off to high school!

  2. LOL! ACR is fun, I love that she kept rejecting him-yippe!

  3. ACR really adds a lof of fun to the game. And it can lead into interesting situations :)

  4. ACR is great! Do you have Rianna set to spouse-only autonomy or is that her Family side coming out, when she rejected Noah? You can never tell which way these Family/Pleasure Sims are going to go.

  5. I don't actually remember if I set Rianna's autonomy to spouse-only. I tend to do that for family sims but sometimes forget. I'm just glad she rejected him, I want her and Anthony to stay together!