Sunday, 19 July 2009

Falling away with you

Round 8: Autumn 2009
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Patsy Greene and Camryn Mitchell are 18, Thomas Marlowe is 22.

Thomas decides that he needs a break from studying so he throws a party for all of his friends. He plays some random tracks on his synthesizer while he waits for the guests to arrive.

He's not a very good host though because he heads upstairs to his room with Nyah the minute she arrives.

Camryn is more fascinated with the fruit punch.

Thomas manages to pull himself away from Nyah long enough to chat with his cousin Janie. Janie is a bit disappointed to discover that all the other dormies are girls so she asks whether Thomas could introduce her to some of his class mates. Thomas says absolutely not and tells Janie to stay away from college boys, they're too old for her anyway.

It's a nice party with a lot of talking, playing pool, music and drinks.

Unfortunately the police doesn't think so. There's a strict rule on campus that all parties must end at 11pm so officer Futa comes over and tells the guests to go home.

Patsy's brother Charlie and Thomas's old team mate Tom Patterson are extremely disappointed. The first time they're invited to a college party and the police comes to end it way too soon!

Patsy obviously enjoys the fruit punch a little too much. She keeps babbling all sort of nonsense while Thomas is trying to study. He's a bit worried about the final exam since he hasn't studied as hard this semester. Patsy on the other hand is good friends with her professors so she'll probably get good grades anyway.

Patsy passes her final exam with no problems. Thomas and Camryn on the other hand have to accept the fact that their GPAs are much lower than on their first semester. They'll have to work much harder next year.

Thomas's professor said that he's not a very good performer so he practices his next book presentation in front of the mirror. Camryn is good with numbers but she needs more skills on the practical side of mathematics so she tinkers with the bathtubs.

Patsy (sophomore) - 4.0 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (sophomore) - 3.0 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (sophomore) - 3.5 GPA, Literature

  • Title from "Falling away with you" by Muse
  • Thomas and Camryn didn't have all the necessary skills for higher grades so that's why their GPAs have gone down. Which is great because I love seeing the variety. Hopefully they get wants to study skills next semester so that they don't get kicked out.


  1. Wonderful update, too bad about the party :\

    I like how your seasons and year rotation is working. Do you still play two days each round for each family?

  2. Thanks :) I'm really enjoying playing one semester at a time and I think it shows in my updates that I'm not bored with uni anymore.

    I play each family for 2 simdays - or more if I feel like it. I think I've played most families for 2 or 3 days. If I play longer than 2 days then I turn aging off so my sims always age 2 "years" each round. Or I play with aging off the whole time and then modify their ages manually. As long as I keep their ages in sync.

  3. That's smart. I think I might start playing 2 days each rotation with aging off and aging them up one simyear. That way I'm not rushed to get photos and feel like time is slipping away from me.

  4. This system is really wonderful. Two simdays is quite manageable time to play but if I want to play a family for longer then that's ok too. I find myself enjoying my game much more this way.

  5. Aw, too bad about the party getting broken up. :(

    I'm really enjoying playing with this two year system too. I agree, I'm enjoying the game much more now. I can play just two days in a household without getting to the point that I'm bored or spending through days so I can move on. But if I need more time to carry out a thread in a storyline I can play for another day or two without worrying about messes up aging in my hood because I'm now aging everyone manually. It really does allow for a lot more fun when playing. I'm glad to see that you're enjoying it too! :)

  6. Many of my sim parties end with the police coming around because they usually start so late. Oh well, Thomas got his woohoo so everything's fine ;)

    I see more and more sim bloggers are using this two year system. It's the best decision I've made concerning Wellington.

  7. I love the two year system too. It definitely makes the most sense for those of us who like to use a realistic calendar/aging system.

    I adore this dorm (house? I'm assuming it's a dorm because of the door), by the way. So colourful but all the colours seem to work together, rather than clashing.