Monday, 20 July 2009

Red dress

Narrated by Brooke Harper

Mom and dad have been pressuring me and Alexa about university a lot lately. I'm definitely going if I can get enough scholarships but Alexa still hasn't decided if she wants to go.

I feel like my life is all about grades, scholarships and working hard. I'm not even permitted to see Charlie! But it's even worse for Alexa: she's crazy about this guy called Will but he keeps saying that she's too young so he refuses to even talk to her on the phone.

Alexa and I have pretty much been living on espressos. I don't think I've slept in my bed for two weeks. I just take a quick nap on the couch when my eyes won't stay open anymore.

I guess it's kinda sweet that my parents are all lovey-dovey even though they've been together for about 100 years. I just wish they would keep their hands off of each other while I'm in the same room.

Dad's been getting a lot of promotions and he feels pretty good about himself. He waited a long time for his dream job so I'm happy for him.

Can you believe it, mom cooked dinner for us one evening. When I say cooked I mean she served vegetable soup straight from the can. At least we didn't get a visit from the fire department!

Alexa on the other hand is quite the master in the kitchen. Dad and I are always trying to trick her into cooking.

It turned out all my hard work was worth it. I got accepted in Brixton Academy and the best thing is that Alexa is coming there too. She decided that although her dream is to own a flower shop some day she still wants to get an education.

Dad was acting like we were going off to war when we were getting ready to leave for Brixton. I guess the house will feel quite empty with all us kids gone.

  • Title from "Red dress" by Sugababes
  • I haven't decided which one of the twins will move back home after college. I definitely want to keep this house in the Harper family.
  • I can't believe the twins are going off to college already! Sim babies really grow up so fast!


  1. Wow-the mansion has really changed and it looks great! Congratulations to the girls being accepted to university!

  2. Thanks. I love looking at the "before" and "after" pics of the mansion. The exteriors are still awful but the family is out of money at the moment so they can't do anything about it.

  3. The mansion really looks a lot diferent!

    I love the wallcoverings and beddings you use, where did you get them??

  4. Most of my beddings are by Donnha (TSR) and I have many of her wallpapers as well

    I think many of the wallpapers in the Harper mansion are by Lyran

    I've been meaning to write a post about where I get my CC. But in the meantime feel free to ask :)

  5. Off to college already! Should be good to watch what they get up to when out of their parents' sight!