Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More problems

Apparently the weirdness with Alexandra and Carlo was just the beginning. The hood has gone completely bonkers and I haven't been able to fix it even though I've tried every possible method I can think of.

5 sims in 3 separate households have become invisible (Erin & Regan Fielding, Ben Cooper and Jack & Olivia Robinson). Their icons are still in the UI with other family members but you can't direct them to do anything and the game crashes if I try ie. change their appearance via SimBlender. I moved the uni graduates into those households so maybe they are the ones causing the problems although they seem to be fine. But then again one household (Sam Cooper & Grace Robinson) has been unaffected by this "plague" so I don't really know what's causing it. I don't feel like killing off 5 sims especially since I don't know if that'll fix the problem.

It looks like Wellington has become a BFBVFS and this might very well be the end :(

edit: Clearly I'm not the sharpest pen in the box... I remembered I made a backup of my wh9ole TS2 folder before I re-installed my game on Saturday. I used the backup, played the girls through college and this time everything turned out fine. I'm back in business!!!


  1. All is not lost.

    -If you want to try saving just those families and not rebuilding the hood. Try extracting the DNA of those affected sims with SimPE, then recreating them in CAS and moving them back in the hood. You can correct family ties/memories/relationships with SimPE.

    -If you think your hood is corrupt, then extract all the sims using SimPE and recreate the hood. You can recreate the families with CAS and alter them with SimPE. You can try to save the buildings, but if you don't know what is causing the issue-it could be something in the hood/building/sims. By starting over, you will be with a blank slate.

    -If you have more questions, email me. I've had to recreate AV so many times, it's like second nature to me. :\ I'd hate to see Wellington leave :(

  2. CissieMae, I saw you post about this at N99 this morning and I'm so sorry about your hood. I would be heartbroken if I lost my hood.

    You should wait to see if prudencepureheart responds to your thread before you give up hope though and I might even suggest PMing her if she doesn't reply. I'm not sure exactly what her problem was with her hood but she thought it was gone, did some sort of magic with SimPE from some tutorial she found and it was restored! I don't believe it was the same method that Apple Valley suggested but it might have been.

  3. I thought it was only the one family. :( I hope you're able to fix this problem. Do what Starr says, she's fixed many a sim problem before! All is not lost.