Thursday, 1 January 2009

Moving in and out

Bobbie is getting ready for another day at work. She's not much of a cook so usually she just drinks a can of vegetable juice for breakfast.

Vicki helps Alexandra with the homework. They are planning to spend the Saturday in the near-by park but Vicki insists that Alexandra has to do her homework first.

The playground is awesome. Alexandra has so much fun spinning around in the carousel, sliding down the slides and stretching her little muscles on the monkey bar. The park is very close to their apartment, you can see the building in the background.

Later that day Vicki's boyfriend Patrick Marlowe comes for a visit. They have gotten quite close and have even talked about buying a house together. Vicki asks Patrick to move in so that they can focus on house hunting.

Meanwhile Bobbie continues as usual. This time she's canoodling with the head of the construction company, Robi Perry. Bobbie actually likes Robi a lot, they have been friends for some time before things got all romantic.

Next morning Bobbie and Vicki have breakfast together. Vicki tells that she and Patrick have found the perfect house and will be moving out with Alexandra that same day.

The taxi comes to pick up Patrick and Alexandra. Vicki is already in their new home putting things in their places. The house is in the rural area of Wellington, near the Farmer's Market which will be opened later this year.

Bobbie gets a visit from her friend Alexander Greene. Bobbie dates a lot of men but there's just something special about Alexander - she's completely smitten with him. He's quite a womanizer though so it's not very likely that their relationship will get very serious.

Bobbie realizes that living alone isn't as much fun as she expected. She misses Vicki and Alexandra and tries to fill her evenings by inviting friends over.

It's important for Bobbie to improve her logical skills in order to get ahead in her career but playing chess by yourself is quite dull.

Bobbie decides she needs a change. She buys some new clothes online and lets her hair grow a bit longer.

She also decides to ask Alexander to move in with her. She's completely in love with him and feels like she's ready for a more serious relationship.

Bobbie is pleasantly surprised to realize that living with a man is much nicer than she thought. Maybe there's some sense in this whole relationship thing that Vicki has been talking about for years.

The fact that she's living with Alexander doesn't mean that Bobbie will cut all ties to her old flames. She has to be more discreet though. Robi practically invites himself over after the workday but Bobbie sends him home right away with a little peck on his lips.

After all, it's nice to cuddle with the one you love. Their relationship might not be the traditional kind but Bobbie and Alexander are happy and that's all that matters to them.

  • If you're wondering why there are no other kids on the playground it's because Alexandra is the only one in the "child" stage at the moment. I don't have any child townies either. Hopefully there will be more kids in the same life stages in the next few rounds as more families are moving in.
  • The main reason why I moved Patrick in was that I wanted his and Vicki's home to be the "Marlowe household".


  1. Vicki and Patrick are really cute together, as are Alexander and Bobbie, even if they're not exactly exclusive.

    You know, I wish Maxis had just given us the ability to change household names. That would make the game almost perfect to me.

  2. I totally agree with you on the household re-naming. I try to avoid having many households with the same name. It's quite easy now that there aren't many sims but it'll take some planning after a few rounds.

    Bobbie actually rolled the want to fall in love with Alexander. I took that as a sign to make them a more serious couple.