Friday, 9 January 2009

Here comes the sun

Round 3: 1986-1990
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Alexander has finally gotten his chance in the athletic career. He's a rookie in the Wellington Lions football team. He needs to bulk up to make it out of the bench and into the game.

Now that his life is on the right track career-wise, Alex feels like it's time to take the final step in his personal life as well. Bobbie is quite surprised to get a marriage proposal from Alex but she accepts immediately.

They celebrate their engagement by having a romantic dinner at the Joie Délicieuse. They have decided to get married the next day in the Central Park.

Bobbie's mood is momentarily darkened by the fact that she notices her niece Alexandra having dinner with a much older man. Bobbie reminds herself that she needs to talk to Vicki about this.

It's the morning of their wedding day. Alex wakes up before Bobbie but he doesn't want to wake her up yet so he just lies there beside her. He's a bit worried about getting married. He's never been faithful to anyone and he suspects that Bobbie isn't much different.

Nonetheless, they exchange their vows in the beautiful park. The guests are Vicki and her family and some other friends. One of Bobbie's old flames, Max Fielding, is also present but he doesn't seem to mind. He cheers and congratulates the couple like any other guest.

They continue the wedding celebrations at Joie Délicieuse with Vicki, Patrick and Alexandra. It seems that Max does have something against the marriage as he steals Alex's food right after the waiter has served them their meals.

The next morning Bobbie and Alex leave for a short honeymoon on the Kalaupapa island. They both have been wanting to go on a vacation for a long time.

They head off to the beach the moment they have checked in to their hotel. Bobbie would love to get a tan and Alex can't resist the waves of the ocean.

The beginning of the honeymoon is wonderful. They relax in the sauna and the hot springs, eat delicious meals in the hotel's restaurant and do stuff that honeymooners usually do.

In the middle of the honeymoon Bobbie starts feeling a bit nauseous. She's very tired and can barely keep her eyes open during the day. She spends most of her time sleeping.

Alex is worried about Bobbie. He's also a bit bored being left alone on his honeymoon. The ocean view from the hotel however is so awesome that he spends hours just sitting on the beach.

Alex and Bobbie decide to cut their holiday short. They check out of their hotel and return home after spending just two days on the island.

Coming back home doesn't mean that Bobbie is feeling any better. She's still constantly nauseous and is so distracted that she burns the food. Luckily the fire department puts out the small fire.

Alex tells Bobbie she has to see a doctor. Her condition is obviously more serious than a food poisoning or a flu.

Bobbie comes home with good news. She's pregnant! Alex is thrilled: he really wants a child. The moment they find out about the pregnancy they both realize that they want to move. They love living near the city center but they want to live in a place where there's more stuff for kids to do.

Alex calls the realtor immediately and finds out there's a vacant apartment in the Violet Hill apartment building which is pretty close. The building has a playground for kids and also the apartment is a lot bigger than their current one. They make the decision quickly and pack up their stuff.

Bobbie signs the rent contract with the landlady. She loves the new apartment. It's on ground level and very spacious.

Bobbie and Alexander couldn't be happier. They just got married, their first baby is on the way and they've moved into a new amazing apartment. Life can't get much better than this.

  • Title from "Here comes the sun" by The Beatles
  • Bobbie got pregnant in the sauna. They didn't try for a baby but with the inteen and ACR there's always a risk. I had to bring them home early from the honeymoon because Bobbie's energy level was so low all the time.
  • I found it extremely hilarious that Max stole Alex's plate in the restaurant.


  1. Oh, man. Plate stealing drives me crazy! Sims do it all the time when my sims go to a restaurant on vacation.

    Oooh, baby on the way! Got to love when the souvenir is a baby.

  2. I was furious and amused at the same time when Max stole the plate. It was like he was thinking "ok, dude, you stole the girl so I'm gonna steal your food!" LOL

  3. The only time I ever see plate stealing is when my controllable Sims are stealing from others! Karma will hit them soon enough, I'm sure.

    There seems to be a bit of an epidemic of honeymoon babies in the Sim blogs recently - my Leontine, Riverdale's Simone and now your Bobbie!

  4. I have never seen plate stealing in my game. I feel like I am missing out on something