Thursday, 1 January 2009

Forever more

Round 2: 1981-1985
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Life in the new home on Daffodil Road starts wonderfully. Vicki gets promoted to paralegal on her first day after the move.

Kurt Robinson, who has just moved to a near-by farm with his wife Olivia, stops by to welcome Vicki and her family to this side of the town.

There's so much more room in their house than in that little apartment they shared with Bobbie. Alexandra is thrilled when Patrick buys a chess table.

Alexandra is even more thrilled when she gets her own room. She even enjoys doing her homework now that she has her own little quiet corner. She even gets to choose the wallpaper herself.

Alexandra really likes her stepdad Patrick. They do a lot of fun stuff together. Patrick is the first steady father figure in Alexandra's life.

Vicki gets tired of waiting for Patrick to pop the question so she decides to propose. Patrick is quite surprised but accepts the proposal. They decide to set up the wedding in their home since there are still no wedding parlors in Wellington and they don't want to get married at City Hall.

On the day of the wedding Vicki and Patrick have a late breakfast with Alexander Greene who is Patrick's bestman. Vicki tells that Bobbie will come to help with the arrangements as soon as she comes home from work.

Unfortunately it starts raining right before the ceremony. Vicki and Patrick won't let it ruin their happiness though.

The happy couple exchanges vows and rings. The ceremony is short and simple. Vicki and Patrick promise to love each other "til death do us apart".

Alexandra, who is now a teenager, is thrilled to see her mother's dream come true. Other guests at the wedding are Bobbie and Alexander and the Marlowes' closest neighbors Olivia and Kurt Robinson.

The wedding party is as simple as the ceremony. Guests eat cake and mingle but Vicki and Patrick only have eyes for each other.

The party is a huge success and everyone has a great time. When it's time to say goodbye, Vicki hugs Alexander and Bobbie and thanks them for all their help. Vicki is happy that she's now closer to her sister than ever.

Alexandra is so happy to know that her mother won't be alone when she goes to university in a few years. Maybe she won't be the youngest in their home for long...

  • Title from "Forever more" by Moloko
  • This has to be my worst documented game session in Wellington. I didn't even take pictures of Alexandra's transmission to teenager and the poor thing didn't get a birthday party either.


  1. Mine never get a birthday party. Mine don't even know that birthday cake exists!

    What a lovely wedding!

  2. Thanks :)

    I don't always let them have a birthday cake or a party either but I usually "recognize" somehow that they've aged... at least get a picture. I had to go back to their lot to take a pic of Alexandra for her profile.

    I was so bummed when it started to rain just before the wedding but it doesn't look too bad in the pics.