Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Settling down


After graduation Stella moves to the new apartment building, Bluebell Hills, in Wellington. The town has gone through a huge change during the time Stella was at Brixton Academy. Many of the old apartment buildings have been demolished and replaced by new ones.

Stella's boyfriend Deacon graduates and moves in with her. Stella has already gotten a good start in the Show Business. Thanks to all that exercise in university she's working as a Body Double for the big stars. Deacon would like to get in to the corporate world but there are no openings in any company at the moment and he has to settle for being a Test Subject for scientists.

Stella and Deacon celebrate their new life in a very typical way.


Max is happy to finally have his family living with him. Max works as a Party D.J. although he's quickly promoted to a Projectionist.

Regan hasn't been able to find a job in the Science career so she's had to take a job as a Tarot Card Reader. She works late in the evening so that new espresso machine is already in good use.

Max and Regan both work late hours so they need someone to babysit Nyah. They haven't been able to get in touch with the nanny service so they ask Ryland to watch Nyah while they're at work. (Squinge has a hack that enables "ask to watch kids" on every residential lot).

Here's proof that I haven't lied about Lilly Stratton. She really is the best nanny I've ever had! Not only does she clean the house, she also takes very good care of the kids and even kisses and cuddles them autonomously!

  • Just a quick update so that I get the graduates settled back in Wellington. I'll post pics of the new apartment buildings. I couldn't find ones that I like so I ended up building them myself.


  1. Ooh, that hack sounds nice! Does it work completely, no bugs? I might have to check it out...

  2. Nice to see Stella, Deacon, Regan and Max (and Nyah!) are all settling in back in Wellington.

    I have that hack and tried to have Vivienne watch Tate and Trent while their parents were at work, and they almost got taken away by the social worker! I really like the idea of that hack but it hasn't worked very well for me. I've had the same problem on occasion when I've asked apartment townies to watch kids, so maybe it's not a problem with the hack.

  3. I didn't have any problems with the hack. I haven't tried this feature before on any lots but I was happily surprised that it worked.

    Max put Nyah to bed before he left for work and she slept the whole time... and Ryland watched horror movies downstairs LOL