Tuesday, 6 January 2009

One step at a time

Round 2: University
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Regan Whitfield is thrilled to be at college. She was afraid she wouldn't make the requirements but here she is, living in her own little (rented) house with her friend Stella. Regan wants to pursuit a career in Science so she has decided to major in Physics.

Stella Harris has been friends with Regan for years. She was the one who suggested that they'd rent a house together. Stella is a Fortune sim and has the LTW to become an Icon in the show business.

Regan takes her studies very seriously. She is determined to get to the dean's list and is constantly doing assignments to improve her grade.

The first thing Stella learns in her Drama class is that an aspiring actress has to dress up for the part. Regan has gotten many fashion tips from her sister-in-law Jackie and she helps Stella to pick the perfect outfit.

Regan convinces Stella to change her style to a more youthful direction. The outfit is a bit above Stella's budget but she tells herself that she can always eat mac and cheese for the next few weeks.

After the shopping spree the girls head out to Betty's diner for a lobster dinner. Betty's diner might look like it has gotten stuck in the 50's but the food is good and cheap.

The next few weeks are pretty hectic as the girls prepare for their first exams. Regan knows she will pass the exam without problems. Stella however is a much lazier student, she's not too concerned about learning all the necessary skills and doesn't really care if her GPA isn't the highest possible.

The girls grab a few croissants for breakfast. It's the morning of their first exams and they're in a hurry. They both pass their exams, Regan with 4.0 GPA. Stella is happy about her 2.0 GPA, she doesn't care about the grade as long as she passes the exams.

Regan was never interested in boys when she was younger. Now she's starting to see that there's more to life than just books and studying. She kinda likes Niall Christiansen but it feels like there isn't enough spark between them.

The campus coach is making sure that students stay in shape. She makes surprise visits in dorms and rental houses and puts the kids to work.

Regan is going out with Max Fielding whom she has known ever since she moved to Wellington to live with her brother Ryland and his family. Max is one of Ryland's best friends and Ryland has asked him to check up on Regan every now and then since he works near Brixton. Max has promised to take her out to check out the club scene in Wellington. Regan has her final exam the next morning but Max promises she'll be home early enough to get a good night's sleep.

Regan and Max meet at Twilight, the best (and only) night club in Wellington. They're not on a date, they're just spending a fun evening as friends. Regan would want it to be a date though. She knows Max is quite the ladies' man but she still finds him very attractive.

They start the evening by dinner and some sparkling wine. Regan is a bit nervous, what if someone sees and tells her brother she's out with Max?! She knows Ryland wouldn't approve since he knows all about Max's reputation as a serial heartbreaker.

Regan is surprised at how easy it is to be with Max. After the nervous start she soon starts to feel relaxed and even feeds Max a bit of her cake. At this point she doesn't care who sees them.

After they've finished their dinner Regan and Max head upstairs to the dancefloor. And then...

Max gives Regan her first kiss. It's all very sweet and gentle. Soon after the kiss they say goodnight and Regan heads back home. She feels like she's floating two inches above the ground.

Regan is sure she won't be able to sleep but in the morning she wakes up feeling relaxed. The girls head off to take their exams.

The girls pass their exams and Stella is even able to improve her grade a little bit. They won't have time to get lazy though as they're starting their sophomore year full of new challenges.

  • Title from "One step at a time" by Jordin Sparks


  1. I hope Max doesn't break poor Regan's heart!

    Where did you get Niall's hair, if you don't mind me asking? I'm always looking for non-emo hair for my male Sims!

  2. I hope Max will treat Regan right too :)

    Niall's hair is from MTS2, I think it's a recolor of one of Nouk's meshes. I don't remember the creator though.

  3. LOL - Betty's diner is so pink!