Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The first taste

Round 2: 1981-1985
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The Robinson family has just moved to the farm in the outskirts of Wellington.

Olivia is planting the first seeds. Hopefully they will turn into delicious tomatoes. Olivia is a Family sim with the LTW to have 6 grandkids. Her favorite hobby is tinkering.

Olivia's husband Kurt works in the culinary career. Kurt is a Popularity junkie who wants to become a Celebrity Chef.

Olivia tends the orchard trees every day. The farm is pretty much her responsibility. Kurt helps as much as he can but he has a job to do. One of them has to work outside the farm at least until they get the business going.

Money is a constant worry in the Robinson family. Olivia and Kurt had to take up quite a huge loan to be able to buy the farm. They will have to struggle for years before their financial situation will get better. Olivia is pregnant with their first child and Kurt is already worried how they can afford to buy a crib and other stuff the baby needs.

Even though they live near the edge of the city, Kurt and Olivia get visitors quite often. Kurt enjoys an intense waterballoon match with Carlo Moreno.

Despite of their worries about money, Olivia and Kurt are excited about the approaching birth of their first child. Kurt talks to Olivia's belly every night because he wants the baby to know his voice.

Now that Olivia is pregnant, Kurt tries to help around the farm as much as possible. He waters the tomato plants while Olivia takes care of the strawberries and cucumbers.

Kurt tries to do everything possible to get more money. He has started painting. He sells his art on the internet but unfortunately he's not very good and the paintings only sell for a couple of simoleons.

Olivia gets to harvest the first crop! The oranges all turn out tasty. This is a good start but they need more products before starting a business.

That same night Olivia goes into labor. They are both surprised when she gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl!

Kurt is holding Jack Ramon who is the first born.

Grace Leonora is a few minutes younger than his twin brother.

Olivia refuses to rest after the birth of the twins. She's back in the greenhouse as soon as possible, packing the few products they have harvested.

Olivia is doing little chores around the house while the babies sleep. The bathroom looks disgusting. Neither of them has had the time to clean and to make matters worse, the shower has been broken for some time.

Time flies when you're having fun. Jack and Grace are now toddlers. They spend hours playing with their new toys. Olivia and Kurt are going to be pretty busy for the next few days as they'll start teaching the kids to potty and also to walk and talk.

  • Title from "The first taste" by Fiona Apple
  • I'm seriously worried about this family's financial situation. Both Olivia and Kurt have about §20.000 of loan (so that's about §40.000 in total). I don't know how they'll be able to ever pay it back... and they still have to buy the farmer's market in order to be able to sell their farm products. I might make the other families help them out a bit.


  1. Kurt and Olivia seem like such a lovely couple. I hope they can overcome their financial difficulties.

    Farm Sims are really hard, especially in the beginning. Both my farming families ended up having at least one Sim with a second job - it's really hard going!

  2. The Robinsons are my new favorite family, I could've played them much longer. Olivia might have to get a job too although I really don't want her to because she has her hands full with the kids and the greenhouse.

  3. To save money have you thought about selling the produce from theri house first and then save up for a store. Maybe even pay a little ont ehir first loan?

    I have one farming family right now, she just had twins too! lol And I know how hard it is. They are on a fish farm, no veggies or fruit yet.

  4. I was thinking about a home business at first but I just really hate playing them. If there was a way to separate the business's money from the family money then it would be ok but I hate that each time they pay bills or something, the business balance suffers.

    I've come up with some sort of solution though. I'll make the Robinsons give some of the products to neighbors and then make the neighbors write the Robinsons a cheque.

  5. I have a farm family that owes a lot of money too, the McDaniel's. But they have a store on their farm.

  6. Hi CissieMae,
    That's my biggest problem with home businesses too, I hate that there's no separation of the household money from the business balance. I like your solution!