Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happily ever after

Round 2: 1981-1985
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Amabelle is busy planning her wedding to Chase. They have decided to get married in the summer. Since they want to keep the expenses at minimum, they will get married at home and only invite their closest friends. Amabelle's maid of honor will be Kelsie Jones whom she met at Brixton Academy.

Chase never met Kelsie in university so Amabelle introduces them to each other. Kelsie teases Amabelle and Chase by volunteering to babysit their offspring. She's convinced they will start a family as soon as they're married.

Amabelle doesn't want a traditional wedding gown. Instead she's chosen a stunning red gown which she found on sale online.

The guests throw rose petals at the happy couple as they exchange their vows.

Some of the male guests help Chase to carry the dining table and chairs out on the lawn. Then it's time for the wedding cake. There aren't chairs for all guests but they don't seem to mind.

After the guests have left it's time for the wedding night. Amabelle and Chase both want children and they try for a baby successfully.

They can't afford a honeymoon so next day they go to work as usual. Chase gets demoted to campaign worker and he has hard time accepting it. He decides that he needs a career change. There still isn't any job openings in the Natural Science career but Chase accepts a position as a drill instructor in the military.

Chase cooks grilled cheese sandwiches. He knows that Amabelle will be tired and hungry when she comes home from work. She's now a City Council member and the workdays are long and hard.

This isn't exactly how I imagined we'd spend our honeymoon, Amabelle thinks as she's relaxing in a bubble bath while Chase unclogs the toilet. It seems there's always something to fix up around the house.

Amabelle's pregnancy is starting to show and she starts her maternity leave. She's so excited about the baby and so is Chase.

Since she can't go to work, Amabelle gives financial advise in an online magazine. She got the job with the help of her old professor who knows the owner of the magazine. It doesn't pay much but it helps to pay the bills.

The closer Amabelle is to giving birth, the more tired she feels. It feels like she only has energy to eat and sleep.

Amabelle and Chase are very much in love. They're constantly flirting with each other and hugging and kissing.

Their wait is over, the baby is born and it's a girl! Paige Natalie has her mother's stunning eyes and her father's red hair.


  1. Nice of Chase to take care of all the domestic stuff for Amabelle! I bet Paige will be beautiful.

    I still have no red-headed babies. I put too many dark-haired people in at the beginning. Hopefully this generation!

  2. I hate it that black and brown are so dominant. Probably about 60-70% of the sims I've made for Wellington (playables and townies) have blond or red hair just to avoid the black and brown over-population.

  3. I love her hair during the wedding. Where did you get it?

    Paige looks like she's going to grow up to be very beautiful. I think out of all the blondes I have in my game only one of their children has blonde hair as well, lol. I have a habit of making black r brown hair more common. *sigh* Guess I won't get out of it any time soon, either, lol.

  4. The hair is from, it's the donation hair #0069.