Friday, 30 January 2009

The time is now

Round 4: 1991-1995
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Bobbie and Alexander are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of their first child. Alexander is making important plans during brunch- he's thinking of what toys to buy for the little one.

Bobbie goes into labor early Wednesday morning. Alex is pretty much like all the other men in Wellington - not very helpful during child birth.

It's a girl! Bobbie and Alexander name her Patsy Rosalie. They have decided that Bobbie stays home with the baby for some time before going back to work.

Alex wants to help as much as possible. He tells Bobbie to take a nap and takes care of Patsy in the meanwhile. Alex joins Bobbie for the nap later.

It seems they did more than just napping. Next morning Alex hears weird noises from the bathroom and finds his wife kneeling over the toilet. She's pregnant again!

Poor Bobbie. She's exhausted and gets morning sickness pretty much around the clock. It wasn't this bad when she was pregnant with Patsy.

Despite of the morning sickness Bobbie loves spending time with Patsy. She loves to hear Patsy's little giggle when she bathes her.

Bobbie is a firm believer in modern technology. As soon as Patsy ages to toddler, Bobbie buys this special bottle warmer which is supposed to heat up the formula to a perfect temperature. And it seems to work since Patsy learns to walk and use the potty in no time.

Patsy is in that lovely stage of life when she wants to taste everything new. The building blocks taste better than the crayons.

Being home all day starts to get a bit boring. Bobbie feels like it's been forever since the last time she left the house. When this baby is born it's going to be Alexander who stays at home!

In order to get rid of her boredom, Bobbie invites her sister Vicki over so that their kids can get to know each other. Bobbie and Vicki catch up on what's been going on in their lives while the kids play together.

Patsy and Thomas play together nicely.

The weather is nice and quite warm so Bobbie and Vicki take the kids to the playground. They seem to like the little horseys very much.

Before leaving Vicki strokes Bobbie's belly and tells the baby to hurry up. "Your mommy is getting tired dragging this big tummy around."

Alex comes home from work and tries to cheer Bobbie up a bit. He has noticed that she has become quite frustrated being home all the time. Alex promises that after the baby is born, he'll take her out on a real date.

Bobbie reads a bedtime story for Patsy while Alex works out. He's already in his early 40s and the competition with younger players gets tougher every day.

Late that evening Bobbie goes into labor. She gives birth to a baby girl.

But she's not done yet. After giving birth to one baby, she delivers another...

...And another!

Triplets! One boy Charlie Alexander and two girls Dixie Arlena and Janie Adeline. It seems Bobbie won't be returning to work anytime soon.

  • Title from "The time is now" by Moloko
  • Bobbie and Alex tried for a baby autonomously the same day Patsy was born. I wasn't prepared for triplets though. I have TwoJeffs' triplets and quadruplets hack and I always hit "random" at the time of the birth. This means that the Greenes will have to move AGAIN! There's just no space for 4 kids in their apartment. I'll probably move them to Allerdale in round 5.
  • Thanks to a bad choice in chance card, Alex had to pay a court settlement of §15.000. Luckily they had about §30.000 at the moment but this is a bad blow considering that they have to buy a house next round.


  1. Well first off congrats on the four babies they had this round.

    And sorry to hear that he lost 15,000. Maybe they can take out a home loan (mortgage shrub).

  2. OMG! Triplets! LOL, no wonder she was going nuts during her pregnancy. Sheesh. Well, they'll definitely have fun caring for those babies. ;)

    Realistic, too! Low on cash due to a job thing and now they have to move... yikes.

  3. Wow! Triplets! And with a toddler at the same time! Good luck to Bobbie and Alex (and to you!!). Sorry to hear about the bad chance card. :( I hope things work out better next round and no one goes crazy! ;)

  4. Oh, wow, triplets! Bobbie and Alex are in for some busy, busy times!

    I'm always afraid to hit random in case I get triplets or even quads. I use that hack mainly so I can choose who gets the maternity leave. I should really try it though!

  5. Yeah, I'll be very afraid to hit the random from now on LOL! And Bobbie is definitely gonna start birth control now! It'll be interesting to play with 4 toddlers in one household. Patsy will age up soon though.

    I think I'll make them get a loan and then move them into a house next to the Marlowes in Allerdale.

  6. Eeek, triplets, good luck with that! I just had a set of quadruplets, so I know the feeling :) Best of luck to Bobbie though, she's going to need it! Hopefully she won't break down too many times during this :P